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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Welcome back to school after a long holiday! I hope you are rejuvenated and are ready to begin a new year of learning. For this blog, I would like you to reflect on what you have done in the past year as well your future plans. Here are some questions to help you get your journal writing going.

1. What were some of the things you did well last year and planned to continue doing this year?
I Did quite well in my examination and wanted to improve my marks this year by making a target.If I fail, i will...not sure.

2. What were some of the things you did not do well last year?
I did not do well in my work because i only do homework from school.I also didn't hand the work in time sometimes.

3. How do you plan to improve on them this year?
I will not play so much and focus in my work but we still nedd to play.I also need to read more books and learn more words.

4. What are the two main things you want to do this year to improve your learning?
I will improve my work and read more Enid Blyton books.

5. How do you plan to accomplish them?
I wrote it above already.

6. Who do you think can help you accomplished your plan?
Friends and parents can help by accomplishing my plan.


-During the battle- ;
12:20 PM

Friday, July 17, 2009


1. My favourite computer game is Mouse Hunt,Ghost Trappers and Crazy Planets.

2.Maybe 2 hours.

3.Not really.

4.I can prevent cyber addict from going to outdoors and play.

5.Go outdoors and play with your family.

-During the battle- ;
7:54 AM

Monday, July 13, 2009


1. It is quite good and quite bad because i can have more time with my family but the bad thing is i cannot go green club and IT sparkx.

2.The cancellation of CCA have affected me.

3.I cannot learn more about marcromedia flash MX.

4.No,because we still can have science lesson and other lesson.

5.The answer is Noooo!

6.Do homework and Tuesday and Friday green leader.

7.The activities outside school is not affected.

-During the battle- ;
2:06 PM

Monday, June 29, 2009


a)5 thing we know or learnt about H1N1 flu

1.Swine flu started at USA.(united states of america)

2.More than 500 people are infected in Singapore.

3.H1N1 flu can spread easily.

4.H1N1 flu is mild.

5.Our country have H1N1 emergency alert is at YELLOW!

b)5 things we learn from the three videos.

1.We should not share food with others.

2.If the food drops on the floor,do not take the food from the floor and eat it.

3.We should cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze.

4.We must take our tempreture every day to see it we are sick.

5.If we have high fever,tell your parents to bring you to the hospital and take a rest at home.

-During the battle- ;
9:07 PM


1.It think my grades are fair.Chinese,science and maths are fair.

2.It is fair Because my marks are high.

3.Yes.I tried my best to do it.

4.They are useful because i can learn something new.

5.No.I have no tuition.

6.I will read a lot of storybooks,do a lot of work and do research.

7.Let us have more time to read storybooks.

-During the battle- ;
8:57 PM

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Influenza A H1N1 is swine flu.A type of flu that can spread very fast.It spread when we cough and sneeze.
Okay,now for the countries.Japan, America,Malaysia,philipines,taiwan,hong kong and SINGapore have it now.there are more than 100 people in singapore got H1N1 Flu.We prevent it from spreading by wearing mask and take our temperature.I think taking of temperature is not the best way to know that we do not have swine flu.Due to the news,some of the people that is infected by H1N1 does not have high fever.Those people who when to affected country after 22 of june must stay at home for seven days.

-During the battle- ;
11:53 PM


1.Kindness is to help people.

2.It is important because people will like us if we help people.

3.We can help teachers to carry books and when people drop something on the floor,we pick up for them.
4.Help teachers to carry book and ??????

5.I felt happy when i help people.

6.I can help friend to give invitation cards for party and ....

7.I do not know what to write.

-During the battle- ;
11:38 PM